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Hey, you want a good amount of salary? But don't know how to negotiate A HIGHER STARTING SALARY. Don't worry... we are going to discuss the exact same topic, ie. HOW TO GET A HIGHER STARTING SALARY?

You can't get a higher salary until you play smartly. One must have to play a mind game with HR. Unless you will get paid a very nominal salary which might be below average as per Job Market.

If you want to know how to play a mind game and get paid a HIGHER STARTING SALARY then read carefully the following tips and tricks until the last word and read thoroughly.

First Thing First...


Do pitch your value to the interviewer. this is the most important tip for a job seeker, One can't simply ask for a higher salary if he or she cannot define or justify their value to the company. Company only hires people who can help the company to grow. So, in the first few rounds of interview do not focus on salary, your first job is to tell them that you are one and No. 1 contender for the job. talk about how your experience and skills can help the company to grow.

Negotiate Your Salary...

You want HIGHER SALARY but you did not ask about the same. If you are not going to negotiate then No one will negotiate your salary. You much have to talk with the HR manager or Hiring manager about your salary.

Do not talk in Numbers...

6 out of 10 job seekers talk in numbers. I mean they talk like I want 300000 Dollar as my CTC or my current salary is this much I want this much. They are average people so the company paid them an average salary.

One must not talk in numbers until HR asks in the last round ( Salary Negotiation Part). If you confused them about how much you want as salary then they will put a number which is their Minimum budget, at this point you should hammer your numbers with Banggg. Even if you are an average interviewee they can't refuse you and your salary as there will few candidates among which they have to select one. And I am sure you will end up getting paid a HIGHER SALARY.

Search multiple jobs at Once...


This trick has a positive side as well as the negative side too. First of all, we are going to focus on the positive side of this trick.

search for various job vacancies and apply for them, Appear in Interviews follow above mentioned tricks and tips and at last in the time of negotiation if HR not going to pay you the salary you asking for then simply tell them that you have an offer from XYZ company they are offering a HIGHER SALARY like 10% more than yours.

Smile once, Wait for a sec. and take a deep breath, let them think, let them evaluate your interview. If you worth them and they have full faith in you and your skill then, No one can take your job out of your hand.

They will say you are Hired, and you will get paid the salary you have asked for.

Now, the one fact of this trick is... It can backfire you. If your interview was not that much good enough then you may end up losing the job. In an Anonymous Survey, It is found that 45 percent of HR make a negative decision for the job seekers who use this trick. So be Careful when you are going to discuss this topic with Recruiting Company.

Bonus tip...

Make your Resume or your CV professional. Many job seekers apply for jobs without proper designed and well furnish Resume. If you want a HIGHER STARTING SALARY then the starting part of selection has to be best.

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